Our Success
Before training with Radology360 I have always struggled with consistent exercise, more so after having my two children and returning to work. Alot of this came down to time and motivation and basically the thought of regular exercise felt like a chore on top of everything else I was doing. After trying everything to keep on top of my health, I decided to take a taster personal training session with Radology360 Fitness and really enjoyed it to the point where it has been over the 12 week period and I have not looked back and have kept up with consistent exercise and training. I find that this is because of the diversity in training whether it be outdoor obstacle course style training or heavy weight sessions at the lovely and discrete private gym even down to boxing sessions have been such a stress reliever while training and toning your whole body at the same time. My Personal trainers have been fully on hand demonstrating as many times as need be the different techniques and positions of each exercise to make sure you are fully working the correct muscles while they help you to maintain the correct form with each exercise which prevents any possibility of injury so you can keep training gradually throughout the week. That is a major factor that I love about Radology360 is the pace in which they go at with you, at the beginning you really feel comfortable as they are always very patient, encouraging and not pushy which is really important as it builds your confidence to get stronger and do more and when you are at that stage where you feel like you could do more reps or a heavier weight they really motivate and push you to reach your goals which makes it a balanced way of making you realise that you can only achieve the results you want if you want to yourself and when you are getting the correct guidance, help and motivation. From the regular training of 3 to 4 sessions a week I have felt so much stronger and lighter at the same time. Also I have naturally not  wanted to indulge in such high calorie and fatty foods because of how hard I was working at the training sessions, also how good I was feeling and the results I was seeing. Now I’m at a stage where I have achieved my first goal which was to loose around 8kg and go on holiday wear a bikini and feel good. Achieving this has now pushed me to keep up with regular training and eat a balanced diet, because you will constantly be feeling good and seeing results, but also now when I do have a treat it feels and tastes even better as you are now just maintaining and not trying to loose weight and with all the hard work that goes into achieving results it feels very deserved when you have a treat. All in all Radolody  has really changed my mindset on exercise and I have paced myself to getting healthy and feeling strong where I look forward to working out and keep challenging myself with different exercises and weights, and have maintained good nutrition and portion control alongside.   I have now applied for the ‘Tough Mudder’ obstacle course race taking place next year and I’m very excited to train for it and looking forward to all the different types of training  sessions Radology360 will have for me
Rad and Adrian were very professional, there time keeping was amazing. I have never been a gym or healthy living person, they supported me with eating and advise how to keep in shape. There was never a boring session we were training in the gym and out side on open grass. They pushed me to my absolute limit. I started seeing a change in my body with in a matter of weeks. They got me to my body goals were I never thought I’d be comfortable in a bikini for my hoilday. My 3 month program was literally one of the best things I did. I feel so confident in myself. Il  definitely still be training with them 3 days a week.
I have been training with Radology360 since early July, with a 2week holiday in-between. And my results are phenomenal, I have shredded fat, feel stronger, and now enjoy the gym!! Thanks for the hard work, commitment, and non stop encouragement from my trainers Rad&Adrian