Boxercise was created on the training concepts boxers use to keep in shape. A boxercise often involved a variety of techniques and methods such as shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting backs, punch bags and so much more. Men used to be the demographic that preferred boxercise, however nowadays, women of all ages have become heavily involved in it. Moreover, it is a non-contact exercise which is fun, challenging and safe.

The story of boxercise started in the UK in the early 1990s and quickly spread so now there are thousands of boxing classes nationwide. Boxercise classes are generally held by qualified aerobic and fitness instructors, and the class content is set to music and run from leisure centres and health clubs. Each class will involve a warm-up and cool-down, with a series of boxing drills and skills. The class will challenge your aerobic stamina with constant moving exercises in addition to short bursts of sharp exercises such as punch balling.

Expert Opinion

According to experts and boxing veterans boxercise is for everyone, no matter your size, shape or sex, you can participate and be good at it. Boxercise starts out slow so that everyone can work up to a good level of fitness by attending classes thrice a week. Most people achieve great results in just 3 months, so persist and you will succeed.

Boxercise has proven to be a great event for aggression and is a great way to achieve a level of control over your body and emotions. The heart-pumping exercise routines will keep your aggression in check and allow you to vent even if it is a no-contact exercise while providing you with self-defence skills along the way. It also infuses you with a sense of discipline, as boxing is a lifestyle you will see improvements in your daily routines, your meals and training. Live in a fitter world, both mentally and physically.

The Kit

Boxercise does away with flashy robes and what not but focuses on utility. Expect to wear trainers, leggings or shorts and a loose top to maximise your performance, it’s all about results. Most gyms provide the equipment such as boxing gloves, skipping ropes and punch bags, however investing in a pair of boxing shoes can help you go a long way and save you from injury while increasing performance on the mat.

Expert Supervision

Many people decide to do shadow-boxing at home, however, it is important to note that boxercise was derived from real boxing routines, so the pressure on the body can be significant. We suggest exercising under the supervision of expert instructors, mostly because boxercise is so addictive! Many instructors report that their clients are over-training because it is so enjoyable so working together with a seasoned instructor will go a long way to help you develop gradually without injury. Instructors, for example, can help you avoid sore knuckles and other hand injuries which can be painful and can set you back in your exercising. Instructors can wrap up your knuckles for you to avoid bruising and scraping.

So turn up that “Eye of the Tiger” and meet us in the ring, Rocky in the making.

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